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How to add Google Analytics to a project

Here is how you can add Google Analytics to your TeleportHQ project.

Copy your Google Analytics ID
Add the tracking ID to the project
Alternative: Adding the Google tag

Copy your Google Analytics ID

Sign into your Google Analytics account and go to Admin.

In the Admin Select an account from the ACCOUNT column.

Select a property from the PROPERTY column.

Google Analytics dashboard

Under the PROPERTY column, click Tracking Info -> Tracking code.

Copy the Tracking ID at the copy of the page. (It should look something like: UA-000000-2)

You can check out this link to find more information about Google Analytics tracking.

Tracking ID and Google Tag in Analytics dashboard

Depending on the version you use, the Google Analytics interface may look different.

Add the tracking ID to the project

To add to your project go to Project settings, either from the Dashboard or by clicking on the project name in the top bar of the editor.

Open the Custom Code section.

Under the Google -> Analytics section, paste the Tracking ID into the input.

Scroll down and click Save changes.

Adding Analytics ID to Project settings

Alternative: Adding the Google tag

A different way to add Google Analytics is to copy the Google tag from the Tracking Info -> Tracking code section in Google Analytics instead of the Tracking ID.

Then, go to TeleportHQ and open the Project settings -> Custom code section.

Paste the Google tag into the <HEAD> section.

Click Save changes.

Alternative: Adding Google tag to HEAD

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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