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How to copy components to other projects

How to copy components to other projects

Here is how you can copy components from one project to another in TeleportHQ.

Copy to clipboard
Paste to new project

##Copy component to clipboard

From the Left panel go to the Layers & Files tab and to the Components section below your pages.

Select the component you want to copy and Right click it and then click Copy or press CTRL/CMD-C on your keyboard.

Copying a component

Paste to a new project

Switch to the project you want to paste the component to.

Paste the component using CTRL/CMD-V on your keyboard. You will see a message informing you that the component is being pasted.

When your component is finished being copied you will see it in the Components section in the new project.

You can then drag and drop the component into the new project as you would any other component.

Pasting a component to another project

To learn more about using components in TeleportHQ check out this article.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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