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How to use Videos in TeleportHQ

Learn everything you need to know about using videos in TeleportHQ.

Uploading videos
Adding videos in containers
Customizing video
Video settings

Uploading videos

After you open your project, in the Left Side Menu go to the Assets Manager area. In the first Tab, Uploads, click on the Upload assets button or simply drag and drop the videos in that area.

Upload video files to the project

Adding videos in containers

To add a video in the project you can either drag and drop it directly on the canvas or in the Layers & Files section (treeview), in the container you want.

Adding video to canvas

Customizing videos

To customize your videos, go to the Right panel. Here you can find different areas that you can use to customize your video’s: size, position, margin, padding, border and more. You can also add interactions from the States area.

Customizing videos

Video settings

There are also some additional video options in the Video section of the Right Panel. From here you have access to several options, including:

Poster - changes the thumbnail for the video
Controls - show or hide the video controls
Loop - toggle a looping effect
Muted - turn on or off the sound
autoPlay - automatically starts the video when page loads

Video options

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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