How to use Figma to Design plugin

Now that your plugin is installed, let’s find out how to use it to export your project to the Teleport playground.

Exporting a new project to Teleport
Update an existing project

1. Exporting a new project to Teleport

Launch the plugin

Start the plugin in Figma

Open the export plugin by following these steps: Right-click > Plugins > TeleportHQ Design to Code

Select your layers

Selecting layers to be exported

Choose the layers that you want to have exported to the TeleportHQ playground by clicking on them.

! Use Shift-click to select additional layers to the export list or use Ctrl-click to select the entire project.

Export frames

Export frames to teleportHQ

Click on the Export to TeleportHQ button in the plugin.

2. Update an existing project

Launch plugin and select the layers.

Launch the plugin in Figma

Like before you will need to open the plugin and select the layers you wish to update in the Teleport playground.

Copy layers

Copy layers to clipboard

Click on the Copy Layers to Clipboard button in the plugin panel.

Paste layers to project

Final result in teleportHQ

Open the project you want to update and paste the layers into any page or component.
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