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Editing text elements with AI

Here's how you can edit the text in your projects using the power of AI.

To make changes to a text element using AI, follow these steps:

Select the text element in the canvas or layers tab
Click on the AI context menu above the text in the canvas
Type the changes in the prompt or choose one of the options

AI text editing options

Prompt based edits - request any change to the text, as you would with ChatGPT
Rewrite - will provide a variation on the original text and enable an option to Re-run.
Make shorter - will reduce the number of words in the original text
Make longer - will increase the number of words in the original text
Change tone - will rewrite the original text with one of these tonalities: professional, casual, formal or friendly

The AI text editing functionality works through an integration with ChatGPT.

How to edit text with ChatGPT in TeleportHQ

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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