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How to use the AI website builder

Here’s all you need to know about the TeleportHQ AI website builder.

In the current iteration, the AI website builder cannot completely build new sections with requested elements. It creates pages ONLY based on a premade template.

Generate AI project
Generate new pages with AI

Generate AI project

To create a new project with AI, from the Dashboard:

Click the Create project button
Select the Generate with AI card
Type in a description of the project you want to create in the prompt
Choose a style by picking a theme and a color mode
Wait for the project to be generated
Click Go to page
Edit the project

The prompt should only contain the description of the topic or content, not about sections or structure.

How to generate an AI project in TeleportHQ

Generate new pages with AI

To generate new pages in an AI project, in the editor:

Go to the Left panel -> Layers and Files tab
Click the + button
Select New page using AI
Type in the the description in the prompt for the page you want to build
Wait for the page to be generated
Edit the page

How to create a new page using AI

Pages can only be generated this way in AI generated projects

Updated on: 11/03/2024

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