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How to add GA4 in a project

Here is how to add Google Analytics 4 to your TeleportHQ project.

To be able to copy the Google Tag, your Google Analytics account already have a data stream set up.

Copy your GA4 tag
Add the tag to the project

Copy your Google tag

Sign into your Google Analytics account and go to Admin.

In the Admin tab, select an account from the ACCOUNT column.

Select a property from the PROPERTY column.

In the property column click Data streams > Web.

Click the Data stream that you created for your website.

Under the Google Tag section, click View tag instructions.

On the Installation instructions page, go to the Install manually tab:

Click the copy to clipboard icon or copy the Google tag from <!-- Google tag (gtag.js) --> to </script>.

How to copy Google Tag for Google Analytics 4

! Depending on the version you use, the Google Analytics interface may look different.

Add the code to project settings

To add to your project go to Project settings, either from the Dashboard or by clicking on the project name in the top bar of the editor.

Open the Custom Code section.

Under the HEAD section, paste the Google Tag into the input.

Scroll down and click Save changes.

Paste Google Tag in TeleportHQ project settings

Updated on: 17/07/2023

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