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Invite collaborators to work together

Here is how you can invite people to collaborate on projects or give them access to entire workspaces.

Invite to project
Invite to workspace

Invite to project

To invite collaborators to a project, open the project you want to collaborate on, and from the right side of the Top bar, click on the Share button.

In the newly opened modal type the email address of your collaborator, select the user rights and then click on the Send invite button.

Once the invitation is sent, your collaborator will receive a confirmation email to join your project.

Invite collaborators to the project

Invite to workspace

Similarly to inviting to collaborate on a project you can also invite collaborators to a workspace. This will give them access to all of the projects inside of that workspace.

To invite team members to a workspace go to your Dashboard and click on the Settings button (⋮) on the workspace you want to share.

Select Manage collaborators and add the email address of the collaborator, select the user rights and click the Send invite button.

After that, your new collaborator will receive a confirmation email for joining your workspace.

Invite collaborators to the workspace

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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