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Setting user rights for collaborators

User rights can be used to set certain restrictions for your collaborators. Here is how you can set and edit user rights for your projects and workspaces:

User rights on projects
User rights on workspaces

Set user rights on projects

As a project owner, you can set roles for the collaborators when inviting them on the project. These are the 2 types of user rights you can choose from:

Editor - can do everything the owner can, except deleting the project
Viewer - can see all the project content but cannot modify anything

Owners and editors can also change the access type for projects to public, cloneable or restricted.

To edit the user rights for a collaborator you need to open your project, click on the Share button on the right side of the top bar and in the newly modal you will be able to change the permissions from the dropdown menu.

Setting user rights to project collaborators

Set user rights on workspaces

The same as for projects, you can set roles for team members when inviting them to join the workspace. You have the option to choose between the same 2 types of user rights:

Editors - can edit any of the projects in the workspace, except deleting projects
Viewers - can see all the projects in the workspace but cannot modify anything

To edit user rights for workspace collaborators click on the Settings button (⋮) on the workspace and go to Manage collaborators. Here you will find all your collaborators and you can change the user rights for any of them.

Setting user rights to workspace collaborators

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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