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Private folder and files

The Private folder is a dedicated place for the configuration files that are important to your project’s development.

Enabling the Private folder
Uploading assets to the Private folder

Enabling the Private folder

Go to Project settings by clicking on the name of the project in the editor.
Navigate to the Advanced features tab.
Check the Private folder feature and Save changes.

Enabling the private folder feature from Project settings

Uploading assets to the Private folder

Once enabled, you can find the Private folder in the Left panel -> Assets manager -> Uploads section.

To upload your private files, click on the “+ button” or drag the files to the “Drop files here” area in the Private section.

The private folder unlike the Public folder will accept only editable text files with the following extensions: txt, xml, json, js, css, env, yml, yaml.

For example the Private folder is the place where you should add files such as the next.config.js file.

Adding the next.config.js file to the Private folder.

Updated on: 16/01/2024

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