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How image optimization works and how to disable or enable it

To improve the quality and performance of your website we have a few image optimization solutions running available for you.

Basic image optimization
Advanced image optimization

Basic image optimization

The first type of image optimization works automatically by resizing and compressing your images. This may sometimes make your images appear blurry.

To disable image optimization on a particular image:

Go to the Left panel -> Assets manager -> Uploads
Right click the image and select Disable Optimizations

How to disable or enable basic image optimization

Advanced image optimization

To optimize image further especially for smaller resolutions we also have an advanced optimization feature based on the srcset html attribute. Advanced optimization also converts images to the webp format for further performance enhancement.

To enable advanced image optimization on your project:

Go to Project settings -> Advanced features
Check the box next to Advanced Image Optimizations
Click Save Changes

How to enable or disable advanced image optimizations

If you click Disable Optimization on an image in the Asset manager, this will disable both the basic and advanced optimization options.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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