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Assets manager

The Assets manager is where you will store all of your assets like images, videos or gifs as well as find other stock assets.

Uploads section
Unsplash section
Icons section

Uploads section

In the first section of the Assets manager you can upload your personal assets such as images, videos or custom files.

To upload your private files, click on the “+ button” or drag the files to the “Drop files here” area.

In the the Uploads you can also find:
Private folder - where you can add various configuration files or script files that are essential for your project's development.
Side panel - each folder has a side panel button used to expand the assets manager to make drag and drop navigation easier

Check out this article to learn which file types are allowed in the platform.

Unsplash section

In the Unsplash section of the Assets manager you have access to the huge library of premium stock photos provided by Unsplash. You can use these images free of charge and add them into your projects to give them a more professional look.

Icons section

The last section of the Assets manager contains Icons. Here you will find 5 categories of icons that you can use to create your website or UI. The icons are SVG files that you can easily customize to fit with your personal brand. To learn more about customizing icons check out this article.

Assets manager overview

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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