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How to enable advanced features in TeleportHQ

Advanced features can be used to enhance the capabilities of our platform even further. Here’s a short guide on how to find and enable advanced features.

How to enable advanced features

To enable an advanced feature on one of your projects you will need to:

Go to Project settings (from the editor click the dropdown icon next to the project name in the top bar)
Go to the Advanced features tab
Check the box next to an advanced feature
Click Save changes
Return to the editor

List of advanced features

Currently there are 6 advanced features available, with more possibly being added in the future.

Conditional rendering - Allows you to set up states and events to create interactive components.
Advanced embeds - A feature that converts code embeds into native JSX and HTML tags to enhance performance.
Exclude Globals from HTML Components - Will remove global styles such as fonts from HTML components.
Private folder - Enables a private folder in the Asset Manager for config files and build scripts.
Advanced image optimization - Automatically converts all images to the webp format and enables the use of the srcset attribute.

How to enable advanced features

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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