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How to use Sections in TeleportHQ

Learn more about the pre-built sections available in the TeleportHQ editor and how you can use them to build websites with minimal effort.

Section types
Adding sections
Customizing sections

Section types

The pre-built sections can be found in the Left panel, in the Sections tab. Here you will find three categories of sections: Navigation, Sections and Styled Components.

In the Navigation category you will find pre-made headers, footers and sidebars.

In the Sections category there are sections for: features, pricing, testimonials, steps, hero sections and more.

In the Styled components category you can find smaller components that can be added to sections such as: feature cards, testimonial cards, blog cards or gallery cards.

Apart from components, all of the premade sections are full-width, fully responsive sections.

Adding sections

To add a section you can either drag and drop it to the desired location or you can click on it, which will automatically add it to the bottom of your project’s structure.

Styled components can be added into other containers as needed.

Adding sections to the canvas

Customizing sections

Once added to the project, sections can be customized just like any other element or container. To learn more about styling elements in TeleportHQ you can check out this article

Editing sections

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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