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How to connect TeleportHQ to GitHub

Here’s a short guide on how to integrate your TeleportHQ project with your GitHub account.

Get token from GitHub
Add token to Project settings
Export project to GitHub

Get your token from GitHub

First of all go to your GifHub account and create a token for your TeleportHQ project.

Copy the generated code

Add the token in Project settings

Go to Project settings, either from the dashboard by clicking on the project name on the top bar or from the top-left corner icon in the Editor.

In Project settings, go to the Integrations tab, add the GitHub token in the GibHub section and click Save changes.

Export the project to GitHub

To export your project to a GitHub repository, go to the Top bar in the project, click on the Export project icon and then once more on the GitHub icon.

This will automatically export your project to your GitHub repository.

Integrating Github to TeleportHQ

Updated on: 10/05/2023

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