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Custom fonts and Google fonts

Here’s how you can add custom fonts and Google fonts to your project, and how to use them in the TeleportHQ editor.

Adding custom fonts
Using custom fonts
Adding Google fonts

Add custom fonts

To add your custom font, you need to open the Project Settings window for the project you’re working on either from the editor or from your Dashboard. Next you need to go the Fonts tab.

In the Fonts tab you will give a name your custom font and add the source URL, then click the Add Font button.

Adding custom fonts from project settings

Using custom fonts

To change the font in a text tile you will need to select the text you want to edit, go to the** Right panel** in the Visual tab, go to Text Style and select the font you’ve just added.

Using custom font

Add Google Fonts

To add a new Google Font to your project select any text element in your project and go to the Right panel and scroll down to the Text style section.

Click on the Font dropdown menu and then click on the + More Google fonts button.

Search for the Google font you want in the new window.

From here you can preview the font or click Import to add it to your project.

Adding Google fonts

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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