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Use the command palette to access all commands

Using CTRL/CMD-P inside the platform will bring up the command palette. You can use this functionality in two ways:

Search for pages, components or Files
Execute actions

Search for pages, components or files

Use CTRL/CMD-P while in the platform to open the Command palette.

You can see a list that contains all the pages and the components from the project. To navigate through the list use the up or down arrow keys and make a selection by hitting the Enter key. This will open the page or component for editing.

How to execute actions from the command palette

To execute commands in the command palette (similar to VSCode), start by typing > as the first character.

This will replace the list of pages and components with a list of actions that you can perform on the platform. These operations are what you would most likely use during the development phase, from creating a page or component to the export or deployment of the project.

Using the command palette to navigate and execute commands

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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